PB Keyboard Play Checker

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Technical video

Test how well you play a keyboard and a presentation mode..

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Pooh-Fi, Set the channel number to the same if you want all the devices to use the same midi data.

Panel Midi, This overwrites any cable in the Midi Port and takes a feed from an external midi keyboard if Voltage modular is set to use it.

Midi Port, The input midi port, not a lot to say about this one apart from the Panel Midi option will overwrite the input.

Octave, if Auto then all incoming midi data is converted to the first octave, when a octave is selected, that is the ranged used.

Inten. (intensity), The velocity of a note changes the brightness of the note however the sensitivity

Demo, switches between Presentation (demo) and the Play Checker modes.

Update All, when multiple Keyboard Play Checkers are loaded and on the same Pooh-Fi channel, the mode of Demo and Intensity is passed about.

Reset, Clears the midi buffer.

Darkmode: double click the Bear but not too hard it might make him grumpy..

Personal reason behind device: So I don't have to move my real keyboard into view when making my Voltage Modular videos..

Build #5 Public Release