PB Display Current CC Values

Display the current CC number, Midi Channel and Midi value. Quite helpful for debugging midi CC's.

When a new signal comes in it is highlighted for a short period of time so it's easy to pick up.

Auto, you don't even have to wire anything up, with Auto on it takes the feed from the Main midi I/O port at the top of Voltage Modular.

Midi Channel Filter, you can turn on or off which channels you wish to monitor.

Reset, There is a button on the bottom right which also can be triggered using the port above that.

Reverse the display output, Default is to have bottom left to right CC 0 , CC 1, CC 2 ... flip the big switch on the right and the top left to right CC 0 , CC 1, CC 2 ...

Display Settings, this is for changing the color of
info: CC and Channel no.
Data: The midi data\value.

Back Drop: this changes the transparency of the back drop and can be turned off.

Refresh Speed: Default is 500ms, however it can be as quick as 25ms, the fastest it is the more CPU it will use.

Personal reason behind device: I have quite a few controllers and this allows me to see quickly what is doing what, Midi monitors are quick to setup but then you have filter and scroll through the results.

Darkmode: double click the Bear but not too hard it might make him grumpy..

Build #03, Public Release