PB Reversa

Reverses the voltage on the positive or negative range (it does NOT invert it),
e.g. if the upper voltage range = 5v

  • 3v = 2v
  • -1v = -4v
  • 0 = 5v
  • 4v = 1v

If the upper range was 10v

  • 3 v = 7v
  • -1v = -9v
  • 0 = 10v
  • 4v = 6v

To change the upper value, just hover your mouse over it, the mouse pointer will change then click and drag.


  • Auto, It works out if the last value before a zero input was positive or negative, then it will set that zero to the upper range of either positive or negative.
  • 0 = -5v, zero input will always be a -5v output*.
  • 0 = 5v, zero input will always be a 5v output*.

Note * the -Xv will change when the upper value is changed.

I'm mainly using it to reverse gate signals.

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Build #05, Public Release