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A dual manual Gate and or Trigger output with a X sample delay on the 2nd outputs.

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Video Manual

Main Usage: When you want to reset several devices at the same time and you really need to make sure some devices are reset before others.

Gate output is 5v when Thru is off or if no cable is connected.
Trigger output is a single sample of 5v when selected.

Note: The length of the Gate signal is the same length that you hold the button down.
The Delay can be from 1 sample to 999 samples (just under 21ms).

New** Input Trigger, the input trigger can be a trigger or gate and now can active the "Go" button, there is also a Button called Trig>x.x, When toggled on, it works in VM trigger mode which is above 2.5v to trigger (and 2.5 or below 2.5 for off), when toggled off, anything above 0v to trigger (and zero or below for off).

Build #12/13: Added Trigger/Gate "In" to active the device.
Added: Toggle "Go" button labeled "O" (as well as the original momentary "Go" button now labeled "G") Delay length change from 99 to 999

Build #11: Public Release