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[Video Tutorial] https://youtu.be/nUpG-zV0QRw

Set the note range you would like to include, any notes outside of this will be brought into that Range.

The Display can be changed by hovering you mouse over it, then click and drag to change the value. You can also right click and enter a value in manual and also from the right click there is Midi learn so it can be assigned to a Midi controller.

Note this is NOT scaling but shifting the input, you can think of it like a dynamic transpose.

Output Options:

Auto, Brings everything into range.

Example you set the range from C2 to C4, you then hit the C5 key, this will be output as C4, if you hit the C1 key then the output would be C2. If you had a tiny range of E3 to A3, you hit the C5 key, there is no C key to transpose to so the output will be A3 (the next nearest key).

Inclusive, only allow the range set to pass through and block the rest.

Exclusive, Only allow what is outside of the range set to pass through and block the range.

Darkmode: double click the Bear but not too hard it might make him grumpy..

Build #12: Just added midi number to the tooltip when scrolling through the ranges e.g. E4 (64)

Build #10/11: Added Quantize Pitch, if to quantize the pitch or not
Added Auto, Inclusive and Exclusive options
Updated the digital display to change the cursor to an up and down arrow when rolled over.
Updated the digital display to show correctly on a Mac (font alignment).

Build #08/09: Updated the GUI (digital display) to fall in-line with my other modules. Changed the display range from "C-2 to G8" to "C-1 to G9" as I noticed a number of other modules used that display range (Note this is purely display only) added darkmode

Build #06: Optimized code.

Build #05: Added a bit of flexibility at C-2. (If you had a Range from C-2 to xyz (xyz being less than C-1) and you hit a C key, C-2 was not being picked up and you would be moved to xyz).

Build #04: Public Release