Gravity Well Arpeggiator

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Assign modulatable probabilities to trigger/gate-advanced notes with the Gravity Well Arpeggiator. Inspired by the way planets act as valleys of varying sizes in a terrain of gravity, pulling heavenly objects into their “wells” with different probabilities, this device pulls melodic lines into various notes (outputting pitch CV) with deviating likelihoods.

A C-scale loads by default, new scales or chords are built turning dials to specify each note, the group can be transposed with the topmost knob, and probabilties are assigned with neighbor dials at each note. Transposition is CV controllable for automated key changes and the probabilities of each note can be modulated by CV for evolving melodic variation.

Notes are advanced by a trigger/gate input for a constant rhythm via a clock, a scripted rhythm via a sequencer, a variable rhythm via keyboard presses, or however else you might like to translate rhythms from signals. The “delta” button determines whether note repeats are allowed (on = not allowed). With the “hold” button on, for typical usage, notes are sustained from one selection to the next. However, when off, the note only lasts as long as an input gate signal (don’t use a trigger for this application), otherwise outputting 0V (which is technically a note as well) so that multiple units can be attached to the same oscillator input, taking turns to define notes and probabilities in complex arrays of possibilities (try the Waltham Watch Factory as a master controller).


Sep 7, 21

galaxy of melodies

i like generative melodies and found over a dozen of ways to produce them. this little thing however still finds its way into one or the other patch because the concept is so intriguing. every note is a planet in a galaxy. the arrangement of notes is the arrangement of multiple planets in this galaxy. and the probability is how big the planet is. sequences are then floating through spaces and getting dragged in by big planets, but also pass smaller ones. the results from this melodic journey is as musical as you want it to be. very interesting concept!