Waltham Watch Factory

$8.99 $16.00

A lot of clocks in a little space, with thoughtful controls and detailed functionality, the Waltham Watch Factory is both an homage to local history (with radium green writing!) and the really useful tool that helps coordinate vast assemblies of modules. Eight CV-activated clocks are independently set in units of BPM, outputting 5V pulses of widths from a single sample (a trigger output) up to 100% of a beat (a gate output). If it’s not independence you need, a single dial at the top can be used to simultaneously control all of the clocks, setting them to the same rate, and if you don’t care to activate them with CV, each can be turned on with a switch.

A “mono” mode can be toggled on so that only one clock is active at any time (with priority towards the bottom), which makes it a useful switchboard for activity or allows you to change the timing of a device (with multiple clocks connected to the same device) on the fly. The CV activation jack can serve double duty when the “mod” button is engaged at any given clock so that signals greater than 0V still activate the clock, but also, the pulse width/length becomes proportional to the magnitude of the voltage (5V=100%, 0.1V = super short).

You’ll find yourself clocking LFO resets, sequencers, arpeggiators, and triggered sources to new ends and with greater ease. Try it as a controller for a bunch of Gravity Well Arpeggiators too. It sure is a factory with its assembly line of clocks, and hopefully it honors the craftsmanship of the traditional Waltham watch.