Matrix Switch (8x8)

A simple 8x8 matrix module that provides switching of 8 inputs into 8 outputs. Now includes smoothing of switches when in Audio/CV mode (to remove pops when switching channels on/off), and gate modes to allow the CV input added and then converted to gate, or CVs turned to gate and then added as gates - designed for switching multiple clocks/triggers but also does "interesting" things to audio signals. The "little brother" of the Voltage-Controlled Matrix Switch.

Also sold as part of Andrew Macaulay's Switches and Mixers and included in Andrew Macaulay's Ultimate Bundle.

Andrew Macaulay's modules are a suite of Control and Utility focused modules for Voltage Modular around gates/trigger handling, envelopes, ratcheting/sequencing and mixing/switching. Andrew is a musician and retired IT pro who started developing modules for Voltage Modular to add useful tools for use in his own compositions before deciding to share them through the store.

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