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is a clock multiplier combined with a sequencer that delays clock triggers individually in order to create a "grooving" clock signal.

  • The Clock In jack needs a perfectly stable clock signal plugged into it. Note that after sudden changes of the clock frequency, the module will need a few clock cycles until it has adapted to the new tempo.
  • Steps decides how many extra clocks will be produced for each incoming clock signal and - accordingly - how many steps will be in the sequence of delays. "2" e.g. doubles the tempo and creates a two-step sequence.
  • The sixteen central knobs control the amount of delay applied to each trigger in the sequence of multiplied clocks.
  • The value of the Random knob becomes relevant in case of an unsuccessful throw of a special dice that is thrown each time the sequencer proceeds. In this case the delay will be shortened by the corresponding proportion. When it stands e.g. at fifty percent, one half of each delay is applied no matter how the dice fell, but the other half is added only after a successful throw.