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MIDI POLYSPLIT is a MIDI utility that splits polyphonic note messages into separate monophonic outputs. For example, you could use MIDI POLYSPLIT to create a virtual poly synth using multiple monophonic instruments. In fact, we created MIDI POLYSPLIT specifically for MIDIMONO users for those times when one note simply isn’t enough!

Setup is very straightforward. Connect the MIDI out from your host, DAW or MIDI controller to the MIDI POLY IN input. Then connect as many voices as you need (up to 8) to the MIDI MONO (see what we did there?) OUT outputs. You don’t have to connect your instruments in numerical order - MIDI POLYSPLIT checks what’s connected and assigns incoming notes to outputs as it sees fit, based on whether the output is in use and when it was last used. LEDs will flash to indicate incoming and outgoing MIDI data.

Please note that all other MIDI messages (i.e. excluding note on / off) get passed on to all of the connected outputs. This means that things like MIDI CC pitch bend and mod wheel etc., get sent to all your virtual poly synth voices intact. MIDI channel data is reset to zero on outgoing messages, i.e. each instrument will see its assigned MIDI messages on channel 1.

If you need a compact mixer for sub-mixing audio for groups of 4 voices, you may be interested in our MINIMIX4 module.

Alternatively, if you’re looking to split MIDI data based on MIDI channel, say from a sequencer, then MIDISPLITCH may be closer to what you need for that sort of thing.