Everything you need to create a virtual 8 voice MIDI polysynth using our flagship MIDIMONO module controlled via MIDI POLYSPLIT. Alternatively, drive multiple MIDIMONOs from your sequencer, with each assigned to a separate MIDI channel via MIDISPLITCH. Finally, mix up to 8 channels of stereo audio with MINIMIX8, or its little brother, MINIMIX4.

All Sounds demos recorded direct from Voltage Modular with multiple MIDIMONOs using MIDI POLYSPLIT - no additional effects or processing.

An automatic discount will be applied if you already own any of the modules in the bundle.

Please note that MINIMIX8 is currently only available as part of this bundle. A general release is planned early Jan.

Title of Song

  • MIDIMONO-X4-Thin-N-Crispy
  • MIDIMONO-X4-Synthetic-Vibes
  • MIDIMONO-X4-Distant-Brass
  • MIDIMONO-X4-Alien-Ice-Storm
  • MIDIMONO-X8-Shallowater-Chime