Mix-Amp-Mult Stereo

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R_Ware presents RAWX UTILITIES: Mix-A-Mult Stereo


Mix-Amp-Mult Stereo is a versatile virtual module designed for blending and attenuating audio or CV stereo signals. Featuring three input channels with individual attenuverters, a global attenuverter knob with CV control, and three output channels with their own attenuverters, this module offers precise stereo signal control and flexibility in your modular synthesizer setup with less effort and less tangled cabes.


  • Three Input Channels: Accept audio or CV stereo signals from external sources. Each channel has its own dedicated attenuverter knob for level adjustment and polarity inversion.
  • Global Attenuverter Knob with CV control: A global attenuverter knob allows you to make overall adjustments to the mixed stereo signal before it reaches the output channels.
  • Individual Output Channels: Three output channels with their own attenuverter knobs for precise stereo signal attenuation and inversion, offering versatile stereo signal routing and modulation possibilities.

Front Panel Controls:

  • Input Channels (1-3): Each channel features an attenuverter knob for controlling stereo signal level and polarity inversion.
  • Global Attenuverter: Adjusts the overall mixed stereo signal level and polarity inversion.
  • Output Channels (1-3): The three output channels each have their own attenuverter knob for fine-tuning the levels and polarities of the output stereo signals.


  • Connect your audio or CV sources to the three input channels (1-3).
  • Use the attenuverter knobs on each input channel to adjust the level and polarity of each incoming stereo signal. Turn clockwise for attenuation and counter-clockwise for polarity inversion.
  • Utilize the global attenuverter knob to make final adjustments to the overall mixed stereo signal.
  • Route the mixed and attenuated stereo signals to your desired destinations using the individual output channels (1-3).
  • Adjust the attenuverter knobs on the output channels to fine-tune the levels and polarities of the output stereo signals for each channel.


  • Input Channels: 3
  • Output Channels: 3
  • Panel Size: VM Rack standard (3U)
  • Power Requirements: Virtual +12V, -12V


  • Carefully adjust the attenuverter knobs to achieve the desired stereo signal mixing and modulation effects.
  • Experiment with different input sources and knob settings to explore creative sound shaping possibilities.


  • Ensure that the module is powered correctly to avoid damage.
  • Do not apply excessive levels of input stereo signal, as it may result in distorted or clipped output.


  • Keep the module clean and free of dust.
  • Check for loose connections and secure any loose cables.
  • If you encounter any issues, consult the manufacturer's support or user manual.

Enjoy the flexibility and precise stereo signal control offered by the Mix-A-Mult, enhancing your Voltage Modular synthesis experience.