Mix-O-Mult Stereo

Manufacturer: R_Ware

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R_Ware presents RAWX UTILITIES: Mix-O-Mult Stereo


Mix-O-Mult is a versatile stereo module designed for signal mixing, attenuation, and inversion in your Voltage Modular setup. It features four inputs, each with a dedicated attenuverter, and four outputs, also equipped with attenuverters. This module allows you to blend and control signals from multiple sources with precision, less effort and less tangled cabes.


  • Four Stereo Input Channels: Accepts up to four incoming stereo audio or CV signals.
  • Four Stereo Output Channels: Provides four output channels for distributing your mixed stereo signal.
  • Dedicated Attenuverters: Each input and output channel includes an attenuverter for precise stereo signal control.
  • Summing Capability: All input stereo signals are summed and distributed to each output channel, offering flexibility in stereo signal routing.
  • Versatile Applications: Suitable for stereo audio mixing, CV modulation, and signal attenuation tasks.

Module Connections:

  • Stereo Inputs (1-4): Connect your stereo audio or CV sources to these inputs. Each stereo input has its dedicated attenuverter knob for stereo signal control.
  • Stereo Outputs (1-4): Use these outputs to send the mixed and attenuated stereo signals to other modules in your setup.


  • Input Controls: Adjust the attenuverter knobs for each input to control the level and polarity (inversion) of the incoming stereo signals. Turn clockwise for amplification and counterclockwise for attenuation.
  • Summing: All stereo input signals are internally summed together, taking into account the settings of their respective attenuverters. This allows you to combine multiple stereo signals into a single output or distribute the mixed signal to multiple destinations.
  • Output Controls: The attenuverter knobs for each output channel let you further shape the mixed stereo signal before sending it to your desired destination. Use these knobs to adjust the level and polarity of the output stereo signal.
  • Signal Routing: The mixed and attenuated stereo signal is simultaneously available on all four output channels, allowing for flexible stereo signal routing within your Voltage Modular setup.


  • Experiment with different combinations of stereo input sources and attenuverter settings to achieve unique sound textures and modulation effects.
  • Use this module to create complex stereo modulation sources by mixing LFOs or other CV signals and then attenuating them as needed.