Multi Fun VCO

Manufacturer: Nrgzr78

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  • Multi Fun VCO is a multi-waveform and syncable sub-oscillator design provides super-phat layered sounds and de-tuned voices based on Audiophile Circuits League's.
  • Multi Fun VCO is sold individually and as part of Oscillator Bundle.
  • Separate outputs provide simultaneous access to all the resulting waveforms – saw, inverted saw, PW rectangle, triangle, and sine – for both the oscillator and sub oscillator so you can mix and match any combination, or all of them, simultaneously!
  • You can also modulate both the oscillator and sub oscillator rectangle wave pulse widths through their separate PWM inputs and controls choosing between different PWM "carrier" waves to change the PWM-behaviour.
  • Another feature is the huge range of syncing capabilities: adjust the sync amount manually, or use CV to glide from no sync to sync; the Gate input can be used to reset the VCO core at the beginning of every note, ensuring every attack sounds equal and systematic at each time the notes are played. The Gate input can also be used as hard-sync input as well, even at the same time as the Sync input.

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