N-Step Remote

Part of the N-Step bundle.

A helper module that's useful when using multiple N-Step sequencers in a patch, it also helps manage sequence repetition.

To use the remote simply connect the transport outputs to the N-Step sequencer's transport inputs and the TEMPO output from the remote to one of the N-Step's configurable external CV inputs (in the bottom left of N-Step) and select TEMPO for that input's function.

The TEMPO knob has the same calibration as the N-Step TEMPO knob so gives accurate tooltips. You can also type in exact BPM settings using the right-click Edit Value menu option.

To manage sequence repetition set the number of REPEATS required with the up and down arrow buttons and connect an End Of Cycle trigger to the the EOC IN socket. The remote will go into stop mode after it receives the set number of EOC triggers. This feature is only active when a cable is connected to the EOC IN socket.

The DO momentary action button and the USER 1 and USER 2 knobs can be used for anything you like.

All outputs are 0 V to 5 V signals.