N-Step Sequencer


For full details see https://www.adroitsynthesis.com/n-step/

N-Step is a sophisticated extendable step sequencer designed for live performance and generative music applications.

  • Five output channels, one dedicated to gate/trigger signals and four that provide control voltages suitable for controlling things like pitch.
  • An extendable architecture that supports sequence lengths up to 128 steps and beyond.
  • Innovative generative operations for manipulating sequencing data.
  • Easy to use copy and paste facilities for constructing musical forms like AAAB or ABAC.
  • Flexible support for chord progressions.
  • Built-in quantization, sample and hold and glide.
  • End of cycle and per-step trigger outputs.
  • External CV control over dozens of parameters.

In order to be extendable an N-Step sequencer is constructed using two module types - N-Step Main and N-Step Aux.

The minimum setup is one Main module and one Aux (auxiliary) module, this configuration supports up to 8 steps. Connections are made by patching the LINK OUT of the Main module to the LINK IN of the Aux module and the LINK OUT of the Aux module back to the LINK IN of the Main module in order to form a loop.

Any number of additional Aux modules can be inserted into the loop, each one adding support for another 8 steps. Each additional Aux module requires one extra cable.

The N-Step bundle also includes three ancillary modules from LSSP XL that help with pitch control (including the ability to create chord progressions) and a helper module called N-Step Remote that's handy in patches that use multiple sequencers.

The final patch in the quick start guide.

N-Step, GS Multiplex and Granular Synth modules working as a team.

Two N-Step sequencers being used in a patch.

Extensive documentation including a quick start guide and various downloadable presets are available on the Adroit Synthesis website: https://www.adroitsynthesis.com/n-step/


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