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Master your note priorities

NP-1 takes note events from its MIDI or poly inputs, makes them monophonic and lets you decide which note priority mode to use. You can also choose between legato or retriggered playing of overlapping notes.

What counts as a note depends on the input in use. If the MIDI Input is used, then a note starts with a note on event and ends with a note off event on the same note number. When the Poly Input is used, then a note starts with a high signal on the gate input on a given poly channel and ends with a low signal on the same poly channel. This means that the note value can change while a note is playing on a poly input.

MIDI Input

The MIDI input jack will read NOTE_ON and NOTE_OFF events from the incoming MIDI signal on the selected channel. By default it will listen on all channels. To select a specific MIDI channel, simply click and drag up or down on the channel display to increase or decrease the channel number. You can also right-click on the display and select a channel directly from the drop-down menu. When a MIDI cable is plugged into the MIDI jack, the poly jacks will be disabled.

Poly Input

The poly jacks will read pitch, gate and velocity information to build the monophonic stream of notes for the outputs. The jacks are supposed to be connected to VMs poly sources, but can of course be connected to anything that produces note data or other CV. When a cable is plugged into a poly jack, the MIDI jack will be disabled.

Note Priority

Select the priority for handling overlapping notes.

  • 1ST : First note priority - overlapping notes will be ignored while the first note is on
  • LST : Last note priority - the last note you played will take over
  • HI : High note priority - the highest note value will be played
  • LO : Low note priority - the lowest note value will be played

Mono Output

This is where the stream of monophonic notes leaves the module. Pitch, gate and velocity values depend on the selected Note Priority and the gate signal also depends on the selected Gate Mode.

Gate Mode

When Retrigger is selected, the Gate output will go low for at least the duration of one sample when a new note occurs according to the selected Note Priority. In Legato mode the Gate output will stay high when a new note occurs.


This button will set the Gate output to low, silence the current note and clear the internal note stack/queue until a new note on event is received via MIDI or a new high signal is received on a poly channel through the Gate input.

If you have any module specific questions, please visit the Monkey Business Audio forum. For questions about Voltage Modular in general, please visit the Cherry Audio forum. If you don't want to ask your question in the forum you can send me a pm or an email.