Type: Module

Category: Mixers

Updated: Aug 03, 2020

Manufacturer: Nrgzr78

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  1. Nrgzr78_FunBoxBlender is a sort of weird mixer.
  2. 4 CV INPUTS that you can enable/disable by their relative NUMBERED buttons.
  3. KNOB voltage range can be set from -1 to 1V, -2 to 2v, -5 to 5v.
  4. In the middle there are different modes you can select to affect the behavior of the four knobs interaction in a weird, unpredictable and 'dangerous' way sometimes, that's why at the bottom under the VOLUME output knob there's a LIMITER button you can use just in case and play with output volume too.. ;)
  5. Each knob can be overridden by their own CV INPUT.

Have a listen at the Demo sounds, me messing around with it.

Hope you find it intriguing and joy bringer and if so, please support me!!!

[Mixer, CV Processor]

Title of Song

  • Nrgzr78_FunBoxBlender_Demo_-1-_
  • Nrgzr78_FunBoxBlender_Demo_-3-_
  • Nrgzr78_FunBoxBlender_Demo_-4-_
  • Nrgzr78_FunBoxBlender_Demo_-9-_