Type: Module

Category: Mixers

Updated: Nov 30, 2020

Manufacturer: Nrgzr78

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  1. Nrgzr78_STEREO-MIXER-5 is a mixer with five channels, two bus stereo.
  2. Every input channel provides GAIN (lower) and LEVEL (upper), AUX A (upper) and B (lower), and PAN control knobs.
  3. Each channel has its own MUTE switch for master and aux.
  4. All of the gain stages provides maximum 12 dB.
  5. Master section provides VOLUME for LEFT and RIGHT output channels (with LINK toggle button enabled you can move those control knobs together), A and B AUX SENDS (upper) and RETURN (lower) control knobs.
  6. PAN and MUTE switches related to RETURN A and B.
  7. Every channel provides LED to indicate signal level after gain stage.
  8. EDITABLE TEXT available below each channel.
  9. SM5-EXT plug at the top left allows you to attach the SM5-EXT module to take control of AUX A and B, and PAN control knobs if needed.

P.S.: In order to use properly SM5-EXT you need to have enabled 16 number of voices (poly sources at the top of Voltage Modular panel) Hope you enjoy it!!! ;)

[Gain, Level, Pan, Mute, Send, Return]

Title of Song

  • Voltage-Modular-Recording-045