Oscillator Tunnel

Wrap oscillators into new forms for the complexities of strings and woodwinds, with the character of synthesis. The Oscillator Tunnel acts as a sort of light tube of sound, adding a little deterministic chaos through simple reflections upon a waveform. This cousin to the Boundary Reflector prioritizes audio output, and offers controls for re-centering outputs and managing amplitude, with a little touch of automation in the right direction, so that the results cooperate with your mix. Multiply that by eight channels for parallel processing and/or convenient reprocessing, and you have a useful tool for coaxing your oscillators into new spaces.


Sep 7, 21

tunneling the folds!

eight channels of folding, offsetting and gaining.. this is folding the folded folds.. where do i even begin. with separate thresholds for negative and positive values you can dial crazy tones out of any input. try adding bias and gain and patch into the next input to do it all over again. this can be used subtly to add harmonics in every step or to go crazy and turn everything into a "harmonic" mess!
i love to incorporate this little gem into feedback patches. every other loops gets folded and offset.. it adds up quickly so be subtle here.
highly recommended!!