Super Duper Tone Tunneling Oscillator Bundle

$19.99 $87.00

Build a sophisticated tone base for interesting complexity with unique control and increased modularity. The Super- and Duper88 oscillators readily build supersaw/sine/triangle/square/multi waves with individual & group control of every contributing oscillator, each providing slightly different nuances on the waveforms. Alternatively, they provide 8 individually accessible oscillators in a narrow footprint for whatever you might like to do with a lot of oscillators, such as create cyclic variations or polyphony with individualistic voices. The Oscillator Tunnel pairs well with these oscillators (or anything else), providing 8 parallel oscillator re-shapers (physically aligned with the oscillators of the Super- & Duper88 for convenience) fo expand the tonal palette right at the source, while giving you the flexibility to push past its intended applications. The Tone Generator complements this family of tools by providing an efficient and capable oscillator whose science-equipment approach and on-board gate, volume, division, and CV controls make it ready to tackle lots of jobs with less modules and fewer connections.

Together, these give you the equipment to generate elaborate, unconventional source sounds and subtle, nuanced waveforms with full control yet convenient manipulation. Try mixing them with the Nonuniform Poly Bundle for individually-voiced polyphony.

See individual modules for further description: