Poly Distributor

an 8 channel breakout from polyphonic sources

Grab a polyphonic source and emit it out of eight independent channels (1-8 or 9-16 with a selector switch). It’s an easy way to use 8 separate oscillators for a uniquely variable 8 voice polyphony or to send each voice out for differential panning, filtering, and mixing. It allows you to give each voice a different LFO or envelope too. Rather than just 8 of the same sound, you can create richer balances of tones amongst a polyphonic setup. Use with the Poly Collector to rejoin your voices.

(part of the Nonuniform Poly Bundle)


Sep 7, 21

very usefull

when you want to split up poly signals and have full control over each single voice, this is the module to get. it splits poly signals into single mono outputs in a slim form factor. very useful in many ways!