Nonuniform Poly Bundle

$7.99 $24.00

for when mono isn’t enough and poly is too redundant

Connect seamlessly between mono and poly modules, branch poly signals out into individualized chains, batch modify mono sources with poly tools, and have the basis for interesting signal parallelism. This is the bundle for anyone who’d like each voice of a polyphonic signal to run through a different filter or to originate from a different oscillator or to create stereo sounds from tools that resist.

The Poly Distributor receives a poly connection and gives you direct access to channels 1-8 or 9-16 with the flip of a switch. The Poly Collector does the opposite, uniting up to 8 mono signals into a single poly output. The Monopoly Loop takes mono or stereo inputs and sets up an effects loop for poly modules, returning the signals to nonpoly outputs. The Monopoly Loop is especially useful when you’d like stereo processing (mono isn’t enough and poly is implemented to allow for multiple voices but not stereo images), allowing you to choose two channels of a poly device to behave as left and right signals.