Array-Format Black-Label Poly Distributor

If you want to split the voices of a poly oscillator into a individualized filters, envelope generators, or amps, the Poly Distributor helps you do that. In fact, any kinds poly signals can be split into a single mono connections for all kinds of interesting per-voice processing. This Black-Label unit follows the array-format jack positions of the Array Synthesis and Super Duper Tone Tunneling bundles, so that it's easy to keep complex wiring simple to the eye.

Grab a polyphonic source and emit it out of eight independent channels (1-8 or 9-16 with a selector switch). It’s an easy way to use 8 separate oscillators for a uniquely variable 8 voice polyphony or to send each voice out for differential panning, filtering, and mixing. It allows you to give each voice a different LFO or envelope too. Rather than just 8 of the same sound, you can create richer balances of tones amongst a polyphonic setup. Use with the Poly Collector to rejoin your voices.