Array Synthesis Bundle

$19.99 $54.98

Eight coordinated envelopes and eight correlated filters, with a pair of integrating mixer options, all streamlined for interconnectivity, imbued with thoughtful capabilities, and ready for complex interconnectivity. Each device is easy to use, but you’ll also find interesting controls and connections for randomization, motorization, modulation, and individualization. The Array Synthesis Bundle is great for those who want to use lots of filters and envelopes without a sprawling configuration and for those who’d like coordinated control of those devices, and it can be used to expand your Super Duper Tone Tunneling Bundle to create a polyphonic synthesizer where every voice’s every feature is completely independent. The two mixer options help return the arrays of signals back to the more familiar stereo and mono paths, while offering some smart capabilities along the way.

When these devices are assembled alongside each other, each channel is neatly colinear across modules, forming a neat row for optimal clarity. And yet, as distinct modules, you’ll have the capacity for crossover, feedback, reordering, linkage, combining, splitting, and creating all sorts of complex paths. With small footprints and batch controls, it becomes practical to orchestrate great multitudes of activity.

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