Poly Collector

an 8 channel connector for polyphonic destinations

Join disparate signals together from various mono paths into a single polyphonic cable. Manage swaths of parallel sounds or modulations by bringing them together for polyphonic devices. The Poly Collector allows you to start monophonic and end up polyphonic. A switch allows you to operate over channels 1-8 or 9-16, so two modules, working together, can unify 16 channels of signal into a single polyphonic downstream chain. Use with the Poly Distributor to freely move in and out of mono and polyphonic devices.

(part of the Nonuniform Poly Bundle)


Sep 7, 21

mono meets poly

ever had a poly module you wanted to go crazy on? send it pitch and gate information from various sources collected into poly signals! use the collector and the distributer together for some clever feedback patching. e.g. run a signal 8 times through the same poly module on different channels! very useful little module!