MonoPoly Loop

a mono to poly effects loop to use poly modules for stereo processing or mono/poly conversion

When mono isn’t enough and poly is merely multiples of the same sound, the MonoPoly Loop bridges the processing gap. Try 8 voice polyphony where each voice is a different oscillator, delivered by the MonoPoly Loop along independent channels through one polyphonic filter and its single frequency cutoff, and then process each voice independently afterword. Freely meld mono and polyphonic tools with full control of the signal path. Don’t fret when a particular module is only available in mono or poly versions.

The MonoPoly Loop takes a mono signal, sends it (on whatever channel you specify) through any polyphonic effect, accepts it back (optionally), and delivers a mono output. There’s two full paths per module, so you can operate in stereo. You don’t have to use the whole path either, so you can readily convert from mono to poly or poly to mono too, simply by using the first two or the latter two parts of the path.

(part of the Nonuniform Poly Bundle)