Polyphonic Disseminator

Split polyphonic signals into individual outputs and/or join monophonic signals through a polyphonic output. It’s a great way to unite your mono- and polyphonic modules, directing traffic with ease and clarity and opening up opportunities for complex wiring schemes.

An advanced amalgam of the Poly Distributor, Poly Collector, and MonoPoly Loop, the Polyphonic Disseminator splits a polyphonic input into eight monophonic outputs to be sent for processing and returned via the eight monophonic inputs which lead to a final polyphonic output. With individually selectable channels that can be automatically assigned 1-8 or 9-16 with the press of a button (“default” assigns them 1-8 and a “+/-8” toggle can shift them to 9-16 and back - just be sure you have the polyphony set high enough), this device can be flexibly adapted for many uses. Use the left side alone to act as a Poly Distributor or the right side alone to act as a Poly Collector. The “check” button lets you monitor jack activity with neighboring LEDs.

The Polyphonic Disseminator also pairs well with the Array Synthesis and Super Duper Tone Tunneling Oscillator bundles as well as with the Laser Disc Delay.