Parallel Pitch CV Transposer

Create up to 5 parallel transpositions from a mono and/or polyphonic input (pitch cv, 1V/oct). Each channel's transposition is handily specified in semitones, via the dial, with a range from -4 octaves (-48 semitones, -4V) to +4 octaves (+48 semitones, +4V). It's a great utility for adjust the octave or key on the way into your oscillators, and it's also a great way to create harmonizing pitch cv signals.

Each channel also comes with a silver fine-tuning pitch control, which also doubles as an attenuverter when there's incoming frequency modulation cv at its neighboring jack. If there's no input, the device acts as a quantized DC source, where the output is a transposition from middle C, so the device is also useful for obtaining note voltages without a keyboard/sequencer/etc.

The Parallel Pitch CV Transposer is quick & easy, while offering a nice toolset of note voltages for experimentation too.