Electric Breath Oscillator Collection

$49.99 $120.00

A powerful collection of unique oscillators, this bundle injects experimentalism right at the beginning of the signal chain.

The Serial-Function Oscillator links user-assigned curves to generate interesting waveforms whose segments can be individually modulated. The Disassembling Oscillator deconstructs standard waveforms to be reassembled in new combinations. The Input-Dependent Relay Oscillator cycles across whatever signals are present at its inputs 48 inputs to build a waveform in real time. The Pulse-Stacking DAC Ladder Oscillator uses carefully designed pulse waves to approximate waveform reconstruction for an analog-simulating-digital approach (how backward!). The Passenger Oscillator pits internal processes against each other to generate complex sounds. The Metal Reed Electromechanical Oscillator simulates a vibrating sliver of metal and also lets you push it out of its comfort zone. The Plane Traversing Oscillator is a DVD screensaver turned into a sound source. The Sharkfin Oscillator morphs through variations on the sharktooth waveform. The Prismatic Poly Oscillator puts polyphony at the fore, while making it possible to dynamically mash waveforms together.

In the collection, you'll also find a cadre of accessory tools like the 12S Stereo Amp & 116A Poly Stereo Amp, the 1- and 2 Channel Gain faders, a pitch cv transposer, and the Cellular Automator, which is a whole thing in itself.