Performer Mixer

Manufacturer: Nrgzr78

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  • Performer Mixer is a 10 channels mixer based on WMD's eurorack module.

  • Performer Mixer is sold individually and part of Mixer Bundle and ALL-4-ONE BUNDLE.

  • Buying this product you will have B-COMP module for free.

  • AUX I/O SECTION (left side) : AUX RETURN - Two mono, unity gain inputs for returning signals from the Auxiliary outputs or any mono audio source. Sums to the main mix at unity, mono to stereo. AUX OUTS - Mono output for routing signals to external gear via the AUX control for each channel. AUX CV INPUTS - Control the master level of the AUX outputs with CV.

  • CV INPUT SECTION (left side) : CV Inputs for Level and Pan control over each channel respectively. LEVEL expects a unipolar (0-5V) signal, the channel fader acts as an attenuator. PAN expects a bipolar signal (-5V to +5V), the pan pot acts as an offset.

  • MONO AUDIO INPUTS (top side) : Channels 1-6 each feature two mono inputs that can selected or summed via the 3-way toggle switch (A/B) in the channel strip section.

  • STEREO AUDIO INPUTS (top side) : Channels 7,8,9,10 are both true Stereo channels with two inputs each. Each input is routed to the left and right master outputs. Channels can be mono if only the left input is used.

  • MIX IN (top side) : Stereo unity gain inputs for adding a submix from another mixer or external audio source.

  • SEND OUTPUTS and RETURN INPUTS (top side) :

    • Stereo send for routing to external audio processors such as a bus compressor.
    • Stereo unity gain inputs for returning audio signals from external audio processors or any stereo external audio source.
  • A I AB I B SWITCH : Use this switch to select which input you will hear on that channel. AB Sums the two inputs together at unity gain.

  • GAIN KNOB : Attenuate or boost the incoming signal up to 12 dB.

  • PAN KNOB : Pan position is visually indicated by PAN LEDs.

  • FADER : Level control from -infinity to +5dB. Below -30dB, the signal is cut completely to eliminate bleed from the signal path.

  • PRE I POST I X SWITCH : Select whether you’d like the channel to be sent to the aux before or after the position of the fader. PRE disregards fader level meaning the signal is sent to the aux attenuator at unity even if the fade is all the way down. When switch is set to POST, the signal sent to the aux is dependent of the fader’s position. The middle turns off the AUX send for that channel. Why two ways to mute the AUX for each channel? Set and forget one, perform with the other!

  • AUX SWITCH : Selects which AUX to send to. Middle position is off. AUX KNOB - Attenuates the amount of each channel’s signal being sent to the AUX out.

  • OUT : Master stereo outputs. This is where the entire mix comes together. Level controlled by the MASTER knob.

  • MONO OUTPUT : The entire mix is summed to mono then sent out of this output. This output is dependent of the MASTER knob’s level. Sum all inputs to mono to check your mix or to simplify your out, or to route to sub woofer amps.

  • CUE OUTPUT : Unity gain sum of all cued channels. Not affected by the CUE MIX knob.

  • DBV METER : Level of the internal Mix bus. This is not affected by the MASTER knob.

  • PHONES OUTPUTS : Left and Right outputs. Output source is determined by the CUE MIX knob, level from the PHONES knob.

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