Poly Pressure Encoder

The Poly Pressure Encoder module from Dome Music Technologies allows you to convert Voltage Modular polyphonic control voltages into MIDI Poly Pressure messages. The MIDI output stream can then be sent to the MIDI Output module or Plug-In Host module to drive third-party soft synth plug-ins, or external hardware synths.

The module was developed as a companion for the Poly Performance Controller module by Dome Music Technologies, so that its pseudo-poly-aftertouch operation could be extended beyond control voltages inside the Voltage Modular environment. However, it can also be used to provide multiple channels of independent, per-voice modulation for any MIDI synth which can receive and process MIDI Poly Pressure messages (e.g. The Cherry Chroma and GX-80).

The Poly Pressure Encoder module operates by combining a MIDI Input stream, polyphonic pitch voltages and polyphonic pressure voltages. By processing these three sets of input values, it generates a MIDI output stream with poly pressure values associated with the keyboard notes of the polyphonic voice channels.

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