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Poly Switch

Poly Switch allows per-channel gating of the sixteen channels in a polyphonic signal. For convenience, there is a button to turn all of the channels on or off en masse, as well as one to toggle Solo Mode on or off. In Solo Mode, only one channel can be on at a time.

For convenience in working with Poly Switch, each channel displays a green LED when that channel's input from the In Jack is non-zero.

Poly Switch can accept polyphonic CVs, switching each channel on when the CV level for the channel exceeds 2.5 Volts, and switching it off otherwise. If the BLink In Jack is connected to a BLink source, its BLink Modified Threshold signal (pin 3, zero-based) replaces the 2.5 V system truth level. (See the documentation for the Boolean Truth module for more information.)

Ordinarily, changes in on/off state are declicked to help prevent the introduction of spurious harmonics that will be heard as pops and clicks. However, for certain CV signals it may be preferable to pass the signal as-is; the Declick button provides this capability.