Precision Attenuverters

Type: Module

Category: Utility

Updated: Aug 02, 2019

Manufacturer: Benard

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This is a simple but very useful module that allows you to make very precise adjustments to CV values. It provides 3 channels of attenuverters with different ranges, and a number of options to scale and combine their values.

The range switch at the top left sets the range of the first channel to 5V, 2.5V or 1V. The range of the next two channels is always half the value of the previous one. This makes it possible to make adjustments at different precision scales.

For each channel, when nothing is connected to the input the output sends DC voltage in the specified range. When an input in connected, it will be scaled by the range of that channel.

Channel 1 can be normalled to 2, and 2 to 3, using the toggle buttons in the center, but this will only apply as long as the respective channel receiving the signal does not have an input connected. When the channels are normalled in this way, the switches on the right side for channels 2 and 3 allow you to select how the signals interact: if set to +, they will simply be added, so that channel 2 would produce an offset to the signal sent from channel 1. If x is selected, they will be multiplied, so that the signal of channel 1 will be scaled by the value of the knob on channel 2. This makes many combinations possible, and adds a great deal of flexibility to the module.

All the different setting will be reflected on the interface, so that the displayed values of the knobs show the voltage values that are actually being sent on the outputs, considering the scaling and combinations, and the normal toggle buttons and multiply or add mode switches will become visible only when active.

There is also a mix output at the bottom which always sends out the combined value of the individual channels, regardless of the state of the normal toggles and multiply and add switches. This makes it easy to use the module for scaling (with knob1) and offsetting (with knobs 2 and 3) a signal on input 1 with a high degree of precision, or to simply send out very precise DC values when no inputs are connected.

Included in the Benard Mega Bundle Vol. 2.