PSP Chorus

Type: Module

Category: Effect

Updated: Mar 04, 2019


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If you’re looking for true stereo chorus with up to four voices in a module, PSP Chorus is the one! This is a fully featured stereo chorus, with controls for individual or grouped predelay and range times, feedback percentage, low pass filter frequency, crossover with adjustable frequency and bass boost, mix, and output level. But its real secret sauce is PSP Chorus’s output configuration switch. You can select between two to four voices and one to four LFOs, with the option to crossfeed the four voices. You can also fine tune the chorus intensity, phase spread, and LFO type. And since this is a module, there are individual CV ins to control predelay times of individual voices and to control the intensity of the chorus.

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Also included in PSP Classics Modular Collection and PSP Ultimate Modular Collection.

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