PSP Flanger

Type: Module

Category: Effect

Updated: Oct 06, 2018


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If you’re looking for a flanger module that gives you complete flexibility along with a unique modulation feature, PSP Flanger is the one! It features a time slider from 0 to 20ms of delay for a manual (and CV controllable) flange effect; width, mix and feedback percentage controls; high and low pass filters; and adjustable output gain. Where it gets fun is that you also can control the modulation range (depth), the LFO rate and the STEREO spread. You can also choose the type of modulation, either stander LFO or PSP’s unique “wobble” modulation. PSP Flanger opens a world of flanging possibilities in one module!

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Also included in PSP Classics Modular Collection and PSP Ultimate Modular Collection.

PSPaudioware develops high quality audio effect and processor plug-ins. Their products garner rave reviews and endorsements from every corner of the music production, engineering, composition, and post-production worlds.

Title of Song

  • PSP Flanger demo by Michal Wolski
  • PSP Flanger by Atomic Shadow