PSP nitroBQF

Type: Module

Category: Processor

Updated: Oct 06, 2018


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A slice of PSP's N2O in module form, PSP nitroBQF is the module adaption of the BIQUAD, with its two parallel multimode filters. This unusual module features two filters with four filter shapes each: low-pass, high-pass, bandpass, and peak. The filters have independent controls for resonance and saturation. You can set the filters to have a gentle 12dB slope, a more aggressive 24dB slope, or a steep 36dB slope. PSP nitroBQF offers adjustable input and output gain, and PSP Nitro's famed morph control to blend the processed sound with the source. PSP nitroBQF takes full advantage of its module form; not only does it include master stereo Control Voltage style inputs and outputs, but it offers CV inputs for the frequency, resonance, and morph controls. When you are looking for creative filtering, PSP nitroBQF is what you need!

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Also included in PSP nitroModular Collection and PSP Ultimate Modular Collection.

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Title of Song

  • PSP nitroBQF by Michal Wolski