PSP nitroLFO

Type: Module

Category: Source

Updated: Oct 06, 2018


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There’s LFO modules, and then there’s PSP nitroLFO! Featuring the ultra-flexible LFO from the super lfo from PSP stomps and display functionality from PSP N2O, PSP nitroLFO includes a whopping ten waveform types, and an additional derived waveform type that reinterprets the selected waveform type based on the module settings by making real derivative on output signal, and dedicated makeup gain control for the derived waveform. PSP nitroLFO gives you two offset controls along with a smooth toggle for each, and master trigger level, smooth, and tilt/width controls. There’s also a polarity switch and master output range control to blend between the two offset signals. Being a module, you also get a plethora of Control Voltage style ins and outs - PSP nitroLFO offers a 1V/oct control input, S&H input, direct trigger input, and double outs. Truly, PSP nitroLFO is the one LFO that will cover all the bases and unleash your creativity!

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Also included in PSP nitroModular Collection and PSP Ultimate Modular Collection.

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Title of Song

  • PSP nitroLFO by Atomic Shadow