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  • QUAD AD is an AD envelope generator based on Doepfer's Complex Envelope Generator.
  • It is sold individually and as part of QUAD BUNDLE.
  • It contains four separate attack/decay type envelope generators.
  • The four units can be used even as four separate AD generators (mode switch in position AD) or free-running AD type LFOs (mode switch in position LFO).
  • Each unit has available a comparator that compares the AD output voltage against a manually adjustable threshold and turns on the corresponding comparator output as soon as the AD output voltage goes below the threshold level during the decay phase.
  • The comparator outputs are normalled to the trigger inputs of the following stage via the switching contacts of the trigger input sockets.
  • Consequently the first unit triggers the second, the second triggers the third and so on (and the last unit triggers the first one).
  • Each AD/LFO unit also offers a polarizer control.
  • This allows adding/subtracting or offsetting (depending on bottom right switch selection) all AD/LFO signals to the mix output with adjustable level.
  • Additionally each unit features a single envelope output and a digital “End Of Attack (EOA)” output, that indicates the end of the attack phase.
  • The threshold setting defines the behaviour of the Comparator output (Cp Out).
  • This output turns “low” as soon as the level of the envelope signal exceeds the threshold level. Otherwise it’s high.
  • During the rising slope of the envelope (attack phase) the envelope cannot be retriggered or reset.
  • And during the falling slope (decay phase) the direction changes if a trigger signal appears (changes from decay to attack state).
  • If the unit in question is used as an LFO, a dummy cable or jack plug can be patched into trigger socket or you can activate the proper switch at the bottom left.
  • Otherwise the LFO is retriggered by the comparator output Cp of the preceding unit because of the normalling of the trigger socket.

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