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  • QUAD VCO is an oscillator module containing four VCOs with individual controls and a Master section to control the other VCOs based on Doepfer's A-111-4.
  • It is sold individually and as part of QUAD BUNDLE and Oscillator Bundle.
  • XM (exponential) and LM (linear) frequency modulation switch available as long as PM (pulse) modulation for the Square waveform.
  • At the bottom switch to change range to all VCOs tune control knob.
  • Sync inputs with green/red toggle button to select sync behavior.
  • When "Wave Sum" switch is set to Not Patched, as soon as an individual output is patched, it is removed from the sum signal of the waveform in question in the Master section output. While when "Wave Sum" switch is set to All, all the individual outputs will be added to the sum signal of the waveform in question.
  • CV output, outputs the sum of all master unit control voltages; when CV Out switch is set to No Mod then the modulation signal will be removed.

Title of Song

  • QUAD-VCO_Demo1