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  • RECOMBINATOR is a triple voltage-controlled oscillator with a focus on a novel wave-splicing technique based on Future Sound Systems' OSC2 Recombination Engine.

  • RECOMBINATOR is sold individually and as part of Oscillator Bundle.

  • RECOMBINATOR employs its three VCOs in a master / positive-slave / negative-slave arrangement – the output of which is found at the Mend section.

  • The Cutter section can be used as a master oscillator, which is used to switch between the Positive and Negative Side oscillators, dependent on the positive or negative state of the Cutter square-wave.

  • Sinusoidal, triangle and ramp waveforms can be mixed at each Side VCO through VCA sections, the mixed outputs of which are switched between at the Mend section in accordance to the Cutter.

  • The VCOs of the RECOMBINATOR also allow for switchable linear or exponential FM and offer very wide frequency ranges between Coarse and Fine tune controls.

  • Both Side oscillators' VCA sections are accessible through the Mix Outputs, with the level controls.

  • At 12 o'clock, each waveform is modulated at full-scale by the applicable positive or negative state of the Cutter VCO's square-wave. Moving from 12 to 5 o'clock, each waveform flows through its VCA at full scale. Meanwhile, each waveform is available pre-VCA at the Raw Outputs.

  • As part of the Cutter section, three modulation busses can be switched on and off.

  • PW Skew ties the pulsewidth modulation bus of the Cutter VCO to the frequency busses of the Side VCOs. This means that, if the positive region of the Scissor VCO's square-wave is elongated as the pulsewidth is increased, the frequency of the Positive DNA VCO is decreased, so that the positive portion of the Mend waveform becomes "stretched out". The opposite happens to the negative portion of the Mend waveform in this instance, so becomes condensed. This effect is particularly useful for creating formant-type timbres at the Mend output.

  • Pitch Lock between the three VCOs ties the exponential frequency bus of the Cutter oscillator to the two Side VCOs. This is especially useful when using the RECOMBINATOR as a standard triple oscillator stack, as found in classic subtractive synthesizers.

  • Sync Lock resets the Positive Side to the positive portion of the Cutter VCO's square-wave, and resets the Negative Side to the Cutter's negative portion. There is also a switch in the Cutter section to shift the entirety of the RECOMBINATOR between low and audible frequency ranges.

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