Remote Control


Allows CV control of up to eight controls of any module via an easy to use click-to-assign visual interface. This is especially useful for controls that do not have any CV option.

Watch a short video on Remote Control here:


Mar 4, 19

You cannot do without...

althoug i think it has to be in core, the price isn't that steep, for the possibilities in control you get.

simple to use. simple but powerfull. and everything can be cv controlled, no more modules that only add cv control, you have cv control for everything.


Jan 19, 21

Extreme value inside!

Remote Control is one of the greatest modules I've ever come across due to its flexibility; being able to grab anything without a CV input has been so crucial to my music-making and I don't know how I went so long without it in VM. Even if the price seems steep, the value is completely worth it because you'll likely use it all the time. I highly recommend this.


Jun 15, 22

must have but should be in basic kit from start

guess we have to pay for implementing this after release , should have been in the basic kit from the start offcourse :P Oh well for the prize of 3 bigmacs. and note to module devs, add cv to all knobs plz.