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Scapegrace is a randomising stereo delay effect module for Voltage Modular. It maintains a rolling 16-second memory of its input, and when triggered selects a random slice of that memory to replay.

Up to 16 slices can be replaying simultaneously, and the replays can be fed back into the memory buffer. Each replay slice is faded in and out with a controllable fade length, and can be randomly panned within a controllable stereo width.

The length of each replay slice is also randomised, within a controllable range. A slight pitch change can be randomly applied to each replay, also within a controllable range of up to plus or minus half a semitone. Finally, slices can be replayed at double speed, or in reverse, either all the time, none of the time, or randomly.

Title of Song

  • scapegrace_piano
  • scapegrace_feedback
  • scapegrace_shoegaze