Slider Box

Type: Module

Category: Controller

Updated: Aug 02, 2019

Manufacturer: Benard

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This module provides some very powerful options for processing CV signals and controlling all aspects of your patches. In its simples form, with nothing connected to the inputs, it can be seen as 8 DC voltage generators. But even in that form, it provides global range and offset controls for all the sliders, which can be controlled with CV signals. You can also connect any CV signal to the individual inputs, and then the sliders will become attenuverters, scaling the input signals connected to each channel.

Things get really interesting when you start crosspatching. You can connect the output of any slider to the input of any other slider, which makes it easy to add DC offset along with scaling, and can also be used to mix CV signals in all sorts of different ways.

Try pairing it with a Quad Oscillator for example, and experiment with crosspatching to achieve interesting FM textures that can easily be controlled from the sliders, often resulting in chaotic relationships as the signals affect one another in a feedback loop.

There is also a button and a trigger input to randomize all the sliders on the left side, and on the right side there is a button and trigger input to return all the sliders to their zero position.

It's a very simple but extremely useful module!

Included in the Benard Mega Bundle Vol. 2.