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Switcheroo is a pattern-based 16-step sequencer. Each step, it selects one of four inputs to send to its output, smoothly crossfading between signals whenever the input source is switched. The length of the crossfade is controllable via a knob and can be modulated with a control signal. Each input has its own volume control, and its volume can also be modulated with a control signal, enabling some complex rhythmic effects.


  • Trance Gapper - route the same source into multiple inputs, adjusting or modulating the volume of each, and use the grid to produce rhythmically patterned volume modulation effects
  • Rhythmic modulation - route the same input source into multiple effects signal chains, and use the grid to switch rhythmically between them, e.g. alternating between a clean and a distorted or filtered signal.
  • Source interleaving - interleave multiple input sources, e.g. a guitar and a sequenced synth pattern, or oscillator tones tuned to different pitches for an arpeggiation effect with timbral variation.