sys.6 | twitch

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sys.6 | twitch is a free-running low frequency oscillator in a small form factor. I see twitch as the little brother of tremble. It offers control over the over-all amplitude level, offset and delay (attack). Twitch comes with 5 different waveforms. Sometimes you just need a small LFO that has just a bit more to offer.

The controls and their functions from top to bottom:

  • Slider R: Sets the rate of the oscillator, 0,1 Hz - 30 Hz.

  • Slider D: Sets the delay time ( 0 ms to 5.000 ms) for the oscillator to reach 100% amplitude. You can see the delay as a attack which you would expect on a envelope. Delay is triggered when the reset-jack receives a trigger or gate signal. With the delay you can use this LFO as a rising vibrato for instance or add variaty on filter modulation using a varying trigger signal (1).

  • Offset switch: adds 5, 0 or -5 volt to the oscillator output. If you would like to normalize an output which is offset, set the level control to 50% to keep it in the 0 to 5v range. See the images for further reference.

  • Wave: The wave knob sets the oscillator waveform, the available shapes are sine, triangle, saw, ramp and square.

  • Small level knob: Sets the over-all output level of the LFO from 0% to 100%.

  • Reset: Resets the oscillator waveform and (re)starts the delay.

  • Out: Outputs the LFO.

  • The out-led has 3 states. If the outgoing signal is negative, the led blinks blue, when positive they blink green.

(1) See sys.6 | random: