TET Calculator

This calculator module lets you spin a big version of the dial on the TET Trigger Player to calculate musical transpositions achieved by stretching & shrinking samples. The resulting multiplication factors can be used for any device that lets you stretch/shrink by a multiplication factor. For instance, stretching a sample by a factor of 2x its original length, or a 2:1 ratio, produces a note an octave below the original sample. The calculator has a table of such ratios too, and it’s really handy to have it sitting in a cabinet where you’re working. You can go beyond the table by multiplying several ratios to produce new ratios (like 1:2 x 3:5 to get 3:10) that still represent musical intervals or by researching the musical ratios used in non-European music.

(part of the Trigger Player & TET Version With Calculator Bundle)