Trigger Player & TET Version with Calculator Bundle

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For creating triggered drumsets, gated sample melodies, stretched oddities, looped beats, and calculated harmonies, this bundle connects the dots between sampling and modular synthesis. Use the Trigger Player to kick forth samples, the TET version to employ insertion/deletion mutations for pitch shifting, and the handy calculator to bring order to the stretching.

See the individual descriptions for more info:

Trigger Player Load up to 6 sample/track files that can be triggered, retriggered, or just unmuted by trigger pulses and gates alike. Onboard volume knobs and a summing mixer reduce setup time, while individual stereo outputs (which can be used simultaneously) give you access to complex processing. GUI play buttons make it easy to test and preview sounds without making it a whole thing. It’ll work well with sequencers and the MIDI Drum Trigger, and also with lots of unexpected signal sources too.

The trigger mode works great for drums and the two gate modes work excellently for musical samples. Underneath the hood, gated samples are looping, and you can either open & close the sound to a continuously looping sample like a DJ with a fader or retrigger samples for a chopped up sound.

TET Trigger Player A modded up version of the Trigger Player (which performs sample file playback on triggers and gates) this version incorporates a method of pitch shifting that is inspired by the insertion and deletion mutations of DNA to provide an arcane sounding stretching/shrinking algorithm. Definitely look someplace else for realism because samples shifted by the TET method sound raw, like you can hear the bytes mingling underneath.

The dual pitch knob consists of an inner control that raises the pitch and an outer control that lowers it. The ratio between the two determines the overall pitch change - a 2:1 (inner:outer) ratio doubles the frequency for an octave jump up, while a 18:25 ratio sends the pitch down 6 semitones. An included calculator module lets you spin a big version of the dial to help you find particular transpositions. Since many ratios are equivalent (such as 3:4, 6:8, and 9:12), you can produce the same pitch while varying the artifacts introduced by TET manipulation. You can go beyond the table by multiplying several ratios to produce new ratios (like 1:2 x 3:5 to get 3:10) that still represent musical intervals, or just stretch and shrink the sample by ear until it sounds interesting.

Both controls (inner & outer) of each knob can be alternatively controlled by CV for drums that sound like an unregulated turntable, fluttering pitches, and melodies from a single sample alike. Load the same sample into all six lanes, shifted to different notes, to make an instrument out of it. Or, use CV to get various notes within a given lane and make a sextet (why isn’t it hextet?) out of it.

TET Calculator This calculator module lets you spin a big version of the dial on the TET Trigger Player to calculate musical transpositions achieved by stretching & shrinking samples. The resulting multiplication factors can be used for any device that lets you stretch/shrink by a multiplication factor. For instance, stretching a sample by a factor of 2x its original length, or a 2:1 ratio, produces a note an octave below the original sample. The calculator has a table of such ratios too, and it’s really handy to have it sitting in a cabinet where you’re working. You can go beyond the table by multiplying several ratios to produce new ratios (like 1:2 x 3:5 to get 3:10) that still represent musical intervals.

TET MIDI Interface A version of the calculator that auto-calculates ratios of semitone transpositions from a midi connection. It's got exactly what you need to turn the TET Trigger Player into a melody-playing sampler, albeit with the unique traits of TET pitch-shifting.