TET Trigger Player

A modded up version of the Trigger Player (which performs sample file playback on triggers and gates) this version incorporates a method of pitch shifting that is inspired by the insertion and deletion mutations of DNA to provide an arcane sounding stretching/shrinking algorithm. Definitely look someplace else for realism because samples shifted by the TET method sound raw, like you can hear the bytes mingling underneath.

The dual pitch knob consists of an inner control that raises the pitch and an outer control that lowers it. The ratio between the two determines the overall pitch change - a 2:1 (inner:outer) ratio doubles the frequency for an octave jump up, while a 18:25 ratio sends the pitch down 6 semitones. An included calculator module lets you spin a big version of the dial to help you find particular transpositions. Since many ratios are equivalent (such as 3:4, 6:8, and 9:12), you can produce the same pitch while varying the artifacts introduced by TET manipulation. You can go beyond the table by multiplying several ratios to produce new ratios (like 1:2 x 3:5 to get 3:10) that still represent musical intervals, or just stretch and shrink the sample by ear until it sounds interesting.

Both controls (inner & outer) of each knob can be alternatively controlled by CV for drums that sound like an unregulated turntable, fluttering pitches, and melodies from a single sample alike. Load the same sample into all six lanes, shifted to different notes, to make an instrument out of it. Or, use CV to get various notes within a given lane and make a sextet (why isn’t it hextet?) out of it.

(part of the Trigger Player & TET Version With Calculator Bundle)


Jun 15, 21


This is a wonderful sample player and becoming a regular in the rack. I am getting a lot of milage out of the cv controlledrise and fall enabling playback to mangle the original sample in lots of wonderful and musical ways. combined with randomized lfo's on each--variety is endless.


Sep 7, 21

crunchy samples!

this has to be the nastiest and most crunchy sampler there is. twist the dials for the tet ratio until the original sample is corroded and full of character. this might not be everyone's taste, but make sure to give it a try. awesome sounds. and if you like this, you N E E D the TET Effector module!