Trigger Counter Plus

A utility module that generates a number of triggers and gates based on the count of input triggers received. The number can be manually set to between 1 and 99 and the module outputs triggers (or 2ms gates for triggering envelopes) for the first trigger, the last trigger, gated triggers (useful in one-shot mode) and a gate signal.

The module can be used in one-shot or looping mode and the module displays show the maximum count setting, the resulting count setting when a CV input is used, and the current count when running.

There are start, stop and reset buttons (and trigger inputs) and a CV input that can adjust the count from 0% to 200% (for CV input of +5V) of the manually set value, where a maximum of 0 ignores any incoming triggers.

In one-shot mode, the Start button (and input) also Reset the count. If a trigger is received at exactly (sample-accurate) time as a Start, that trigger is seen as the first of the count. You can use the Patch Bay (10 Mono) utility module to make sure that triggers are lined up sample-accurately.

Also included in Andrew Macaulay's Gate and Trigger Collection and Andrew Macaulay's Ultimate Bundle.